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The National Union of Students in Higher Vocational Education and Training in Norway (Organisasjon for Norske Fagskolestudenter)  is an organization for all students in higher vocational education and training in Norway.

Since we were founded in 2012, ONF has championed the interests, rights of and conditions for Higher VET students in relation to society at large and to decision-makers. ONF is the highest body for the student democracy and at present has 32 Higher VET institutions as local member organizations, totalling more than 19 000 students.

The organization is politically independent and promotes Higher VET students’ causes through political influence and information work. We have meetings with amongst others members of parliament, the Ministry of Education and Research and the labour market social partners on the students’ behalf. ONF also has student representation in national councils and committees related to the Higher VET sector.

Our local member organizations offer studies within most Higher VET fields and our members include both public and private institutions. With us you will find amongst others future health professionals with further education in cancer treatment, VET engineers, deck officers, creators, illustrators and legal secretaries.


ONF is a democratic organization governed by our members. The representatives who run the organization are elected by ONF´s highest decision-making body, the National Congress, for a year at a time. At the National Congress, the members decide on the organization´s work and plans for the coming year. They adopt the work programme, the political platform and the regulations and approve the work done by the Board since the last National Congress. The National Congress also elects representatives to the organization´s key bodies: the Board, the National Board, the Oversight Committee and the Election Committee.


As ONF is a national organization for students, we are supported by the Ministry of Education and Research. The support is aimed at benefiting Higher VET students and we annually submit a report for approval, showing how we used the funds. We also receive membership dues from all our members each term. This enables us to work all the more for our members and their causes.

Contact ONF


T: +47 458 42 743

Address: Karl Johans gate 5, 0154 Oslo